Americana Artist Fay Harris

Best Local Artist
Christmas time at Poplar Forest
"Aunt Edna's Quilts"
"Harvest Time in Clifford"
"Johnson's Farm"
"Autumn Sunrise” Bedford County, Virginia
"Hometown Bedford"
"Cox Farm Bedford County"
"Simple Pleasures"
Homestead Mercantile
"Livy's Apple Pie"
"Amherst Milling"
"Otterwood Church"
"Forest Summertime"
"Aviary Quilt Show"
"Lucinda's Crazy Quilt"
"Old City Cemetery" 1
"Old City Cemetery" 2
"Old City Cemetery" 3
"Peak Season"
"New London Day"

Chanie McDuffie 17.03.2022 01:53

I love your artwork. I have one room dedicated to your art. Just warms my heart ❤️

Susan 18.10.2020 23:13

Hi. Did you ever do a painting of a train stopped at a town with shops and a parade and people with dogs? Politicians (I think) wave from the train.

Katie Smith 03.07.2020 02:41

Never get tired of looking at you beautiful pictures and artwork.
You are gifted by God for sure.♥️

Donnie 23.02.2017 00:10

Your talent is a blessing. The paintings should all be collected and displayed in museum art galleries all over the world for everyone to enjoy.

Fay Harris 23.02.2017 12:45

Thank you Donnie for your thoughtful comment...I am so enjoying your group page on fb Everything Lynchburg!

Faye Mays 04.09.2015 01:36

Oh Fay, I just clicked on your website. It is wonderful, I love the background music and pictures of all your artwork, you Aunt Lora is proud of you and I am

gloria dawson 08.07.2015 17:16

Love the site. your work is so beautiful. So happy I got to meet you and your sister. I want to come to some of your events sometime.

Fay Harris 08.07.2015 17:22

Thanks Gloria so nice to meet you and your hubby...hope we get to travel with ya'll again! I will keep you posted on events.

Josie Fowler 08.07.2015 17:15

I love all your paintings Fay. Such great talent you have!

Fay Harris 08.07.2015 17:23

Thanks so much Josie and thanks for being my fb friend!

Brenda Booker 28.02.2015 20:19

I love you work, Fay, and would like to learn more about what you offer for sale. Where can I find more information?

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08.11 | 15:54

How much are your 11x17 paintings?

23.06 | 15:41

How much are they

14.06 | 16:57

what are the prices for those two? Also the fall one too

06.06 | 02:54

Yes Dana they are.