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The following is a basic Price List...
Some of the originals are for sale...inquire as to availability and price
Price includes shipping and handling!

Thanks for your orders...they will be shipped ASAPS

You may place your order at www.fayharris@ymail Or
 Facebook message Lora Fay Harris
Or 434-444-5112 or Message me on fb message- Lora Fay Harris

Print 11x14
45.00 each
Print 8x10
US$ 25,00
US$ 5,00
To Order Call 434-444-5112

Barry 08.11.2022 15:54

How much are your 11x17 paintings?

Dana 23.06.2022 15:41

How much are they

Fay Harris 06.06.2022 02:54

Yes Dana they are.

Dana Mitchell 14.06.2022 16:57

what are the prices for those two? Also the fall one too

Dana Mitchell 06.06.2022 01:16

Hi Fay,
I am interested in the summer picture of Mr. Earl's home and the Walton Home. Are those available?


Yvonne Laurusonis 18.03.2022 16:50

I would like to purchase Aunt Edna's Quilts notecard for $5.00

Fay Harris 19.03.2022 13:45

Thanks Yvonne just mail your check to Fay Harris 117 Bryant Rd Lynchburg Va ...along with your mailing address.
Thanks so much have a great week end.

Fay Harris 12.08.2018 22:45

You my place you order by email or by phone 434-444-5112 or fb message Lora Fay Harris ...

Fay Harris 28.12.2017 22:51

Will do Karen!
Thanks ,

Karen Steinson 23.12.2017 14:55

Would like to purchase another of your original paintings. Where can I find some of your original paintings for sale?

Karen Steinson 28.12.2017 15:46

Not able to make that event, so disappointed. Woild like to know future events where I may have the opportunity to purchase another original painting.

Fay Harris 27.12.2017 04:04

Hi Karen I have a selection of originals showing at the Templetons Senior Center on Wiggenton Road in Lynchburg until Jan 1st...Thanks, Fay

Laurie Lane 27.10.2017 02:42

Love your works. I am the docent at The Waltons Hamner House in Schuyler, I live in Forest, AND I am a member of the LM Montgomery's Kindred Spirits group!

Fay Harris 27.10.2017 12:21

Hi Laurie, I may have met you a few weeks ago on a Sunday my sister and I visited Schuyler and I am thinking you were our guide thru the Hamner Home..

Debbie Sklar 30.07.2014 18:36

It is of a fall scene - church with the mountains behind it - lots of reds, blues, evergreen. I bought the notecard at the D. Day memorial and love it.

Fay Harris 31.07.2014 01:09

Thanks Debbie...Originals "Road to Whitetail Lodge" and "Cabin Fever" have been sold...I'm sorry...

Debbie Sklar 30.07.2014 18:35

I apologize for taking so long to respond! The ones I love are "Cabin Fever" and another but the name is eluding me. Will find out and email later - Thank you

Fay Harris 17.07.2014 01:42

Thanks Deborah...yes I do if you let me know which one you are interested in I can let you know the availability and price...

Deborah Sklar 16.07.2014 21:29

Do you ever sell originals? I love your paintings and am very interested in adding to my collection. Thank you!

Delores Somers 22.04.2014 22:43

How much are your 11x14

Delores Somers 22.04.2014 03:22

Do you have anything bigger than a 8x10 for sale and do you sell Giclee's of your art?

Fay 22.04.2014 03:39

Thanks Delores...I have 11x14 and most I can do 16x20..sorry I don't do Giclees...

Cheryl Forsyth 27.09.2013 05:18

We were introduced to your artwork at Cedar Post Inn B+B...could you let me know what prints and or originals you have for sale? Also, what notecards are avail

Fay Harris 03.10.2013 20:01

Hi Cheryl...Thanks...if you would like to browse though the artwork on my website...and find something you are interested in I will email you.

Theresa Simmons 23.07.2013 15:26

I am looking for a print of "Johnson Farm" for a friend for her birthday. Do you have one for sale?

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08.11 | 15:54

How much are your 11x17 paintings?

23.06 | 15:41

How much are they

14.06 | 16:57

what are the prices for those two? Also the fall one too

06.06 | 02:54

Yes Dana they are.