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"Kindred Spirits Remembrance" Stories of People and Times in Central Virginia as Told in Folk Art Recipes from the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains American Folk Artist Fay Harris Text by Fay Harris, Samantha Harris & Teri Harris "Like Earl Hammer,creator of the Waltons, Fay Harris share her heartwarming storiees to which many of us can relate.In addition to being an excellent writer, Fay is an accomplished folk artist who can illustrate as well as narrate" Rev.Randy Harlow, Lynchburg, Virginia The author of "Kindred Spirits Remembrance and I not only lucky enough to have been named after my grandmother, Lora Salmon, but she is also a dear friend and my cousin. Lora Fay is truly a woman of many talents so writing this book was only the next logical step. The illstrations are awesome and the short stories are a joy to read at any age. So pick up your copy today, get your glass of sweet tea,sit back in your rocker and enjoy! Lora Elizabeth Drinkard, Lynchburg, Va.

Bev Dumont 24.03.2022 17:52

How much is Samanthas print please? I can’t find it in your site. 24.03.2022 21:42

Hi Bev
11x14 print. $45
8x10 print $25
Notecard $5
Prices include shipping

Thanks Bev!

Jan Kincaid 06.09.2018 21:09

I would like to purchase a copy of "Kindred Spirits Remembrance"

Fay 01.03.2018 23:52

Sorry sold out of "Kindred Spirits Remembrance"

Dorothy Goyer 01.12.2012 17:43

Your wonderful book brought back many memories of my childhood.

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