"Peak of Christmas"
"Avenel Bedford, Virginia Original hangs in the Entry Hall at Avenel Plantation.
"Frostie Night"
"Northside by Moonlight"
"JB's Tree Lot"
"A Christmas Wish"
Amherst Society Art Show 2012
2nd Place Acrylics Award
"A Bedford Christmas"
"Winter on Perrowville"
"Granny's Tree"
"Christmas in Our Town"
"Cabin Fever"
"Market Square"
"Snow Family"
"Deck The Halls"
"Star Bright"

Marcy Burnett 11.05.2021 23:09

I miss Granny’s Christmas Tree 🎄

Penni Rogers 12.08.2018 00:39

I’d like to purchase a print on canvas. How do I place my order?

Fay Harris 12.08.2018 01:56

Hi Penni if you would like to go to my email we can take care of it Thanks

Tammy Scearce 14.12.2017 17:09

Your painting "Star Bright" makes the child in me smile with wonderful memories!

Fay Harris 14.12.2017 18:50

Thank you Tammy...

Merry Christmas!

Susan Hight 03.04.2016 20:25

I love Peak of Christmas. Do you have numbered prints? Where can I purchase it? Thank you.

Fay Harris 05.04.2016 17:31

Hi Susan,
I have prints and artwork for sale at The Peaks of Otter Lodge Gift Shop, Bedford Welcome Center and Peddler Antiques at Forest.

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How much are your 11x17 paintings?

23.06 | 15:41

How much are they

14.06 | 16:57

what are the prices for those two? Also the fall one too

06.06 | 02:54

Yes Dana they are.