Mama's Flower Garden

"Alice's Frakter"
"The Potting Shed"
"Hammersley's Cottage" On display in lobby at Bedford Hospice.
"Tuckaway Cottage"
"The Gilded Era"
"Bright Eyes"
"Samantha's Irises" Awarded at the Rustburg Art Show 2012
"Summer Friends"
"Daisies for Lori"
"Mrs. Kirby's Hollyhocks"
"Summer Color"
"Southern Lady"
"Ballerina Girl"
"Too Tweet"
"Freedom Flowers"

pest control denver 18.01.2018 10:27

Wow so nice flower's garden. I also loved gardening. But some small animals can destroyed your garden's trees. So you need to know, how you can get rid of.

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08.11 | 15:54

How much are your 11x17 paintings?

23.06 | 15:41

How much are they

14.06 | 16:57

what are the prices for those two? Also the fall one too

06.06 | 02:54

Yes Dana they are.