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Everyone has a mentor, someone who inspires them along life's journey. I was blessed to have found mine at an early age...


My Aunt Lora; from whom I was named.


She helped with the delivery of my birth September 25, 1946. Mama had not picked out a name for her early morning arrival.  When Dr. Haden asked her for a name...her eyes fell on her sister who had labored during the night doing everything she could to help bring her new baby into the world."Name her Lora...Lora Fay" My Aunt jumped for joy...that week she spent her entire pay check on her little namesake...a complete layette.

Many times thru life's challenges she would tell me "Now Lora Fay hold that chin up...You can do this"


My Dear Aunt passed away at the age of 56...She was a beloved Mother,friend, accomplished artist, and as my Mother called her a "Lover of Life"


Without My Aunt Lora's encouragement I would never had the confidence to pick up a brush...and apply paint to canvas...

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Brenda Booker | Reply 28.02.2015 15.17

I am so happy to have found this page and to learn about you and your wonderful talent, Fay. You are a gift to all of us; thank you for sharing your story.

Fay Harris | Reply 14.02.2015 20.51

Thanks Sandy ...I have so enjoyed your post on facebook!

Sandy Burns | Reply 14.02.2015 19.13

This story is beautiful! Your work is just beautiful! So glad we're friends!

Patti Hudgins | Reply 12.09.2012 11.15

What a beautiful tribute to a lovely and talented woman. I loved her dearly and I know she would be honored. You have followed beautifully in her footsteps.

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25.07 | 16:34

I just want to say, "WOW!" I LOVE your work. Your style & talent make me so happy I could look at your art all day! God bless you! Keep up the good work!

29.04 | 11:34

Hi Leanne.
Thank you so much! You may get in touch with me on Facebook ...Lora Fay Harris...or email a great day!

28.04 | 19:48

Your work is absolutely stunning! I am looking to buy four pieces (representative of the four seasons).

04.01 | 12:26

Thank you!

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