American Artist Fay Harris

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your visit...
Fay Harris

Tammi Wengerd 25.09.2021 20:49

My family visited the Hamner home. I enjoyed viewing the painting you had painted of the buildings of Schuyler, VA. Beautiful work!

Mellie 25.07.2019 20:34

I just want to say, "WOW!" I LOVE your work. Your style & talent make me so happy I could look at your art all day! God bless you! Keep up the good work!

Don Bolyard 01.12.2017 22:22

I want to let you know that it was an honor to be present today at the Hamner home when you unveiled this beautiful painting and autographing my print.

Fay Harris 01.12.2017 23:52

Thank you Don ! I was so nice to meet you and hope you enjoy your print and have a Wonderful Christmas!

Linda Aicher 13.11.2017 23:17

What Beautiful work!

Fay Harris 14.11.2017 00:30

Thanks Linda!

Cynthia Brittain 25.10.2017 01:53

Are you the same Fay Harris that painted The Waltons pic that is hanging in The Waltons Mountain Museum? I would like to buy a copy and let others know about it

Fay Harris 25.10.2017 13:17

Hi Cynthia I was a pleasure and I have been commissioned to do a Christmas painting for the Hamner house ...I will have prints and notecard available.

Samantha Harris 02.10.2012 13:36

You have an amazing talent, your creations make my soul smile!

mickey Harris 13.09.2012 03:14

You are so talent and wonderful person.that's way l am so proud and bless to be her son.l love mom you the greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom 02.10.2012 13:54

I am the blessed one to have you as a son!

janet erbe 13.09.2012 03:02

Fay, your sunflowers are gorgeous!! like your style.

Patti Hudgins 12.09.2012 15:09

Love this site! Beautiful...a wonderful place to land and spend some quiet time.

Linda Dyal Johns 12.09.2012 14:39

Beautiful site, Faye! So happy and proud to have such a gifted cousin! We plan to visit VA very soon...

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08.11 | 15:54

How much are your 11x17 paintings?

23.06 | 15:41

How much are they

14.06 | 16:57

what are the prices for those two? Also the fall one too

06.06 | 02:54

Yes Dana they are.